Property & Liability

Pittsylvania County, Virginia is home to a large variety of amazing farm properties. These farms produce income and provide homes for their owners. Farm property and liability coverage is a unique class of insurance coverage for farmers. Thompson Insurance Services works closely with farmers to determine the right coverage for each farm in its coverage area.

Thompson Insurance provides a range of farm owner insurance policies that protects a farm from various types of financial loss.

Farm improvements, especially in regards to farm safety, may permit lower premiums for farm insurance. Additionally, Thompson Insurance can advise a farmer on future improvements that may offer significant long-term insurance savings.

Thompson Insurance Services partners with several insurance companies, which provides clients great access to a competitive range of farm insurance products. If a farm has specific property needs, then different coverage options are available. Our agents know the key to a great policy is balancing the right amount of coverage against the annual cost of the insurance. When disaster strikes your farm, your farm will be affordably protected.

Thompson Insurance covers a wide range of Virginia farm types. Covered farms include:

  • Estate Farms
  • Farm rentals
  • Fruit and vegetable farms
  • General crop and hay operations
  • Livestock farms, including Alpaca/llama, beef, dairy, equine and poultry farms
  • Orchards
  • Pick-your-own Orchards
  • Tobacco
  • Vineyards
  • Wineries

Farm insurance coverage options typically include the following:

Food Spoilage coverage
Provides some recovery of food spoilage.

Liability and medical payments coverage
Used to cover injuries to farm employees.

Out Building coverage
Coverage for qualified farm buildings may be written on a replacement cost basis. Collapse coverage is also available.

Rental Farm coverage
Coverage for rental dwellings on or off the farm premises and includes coverage for other structures associated with the rental dwelling as well as loss of rental income.

Sinkhole Collapse coverage
Protection against underground washouts and collapse of the land.

Farming insurance also features additional coverage options that are specific to various aspects of farming. These include equipment breakdown, extended policy coverage, service line coverage, sewer backup coverage and tree removal. There are many other options. Please inquire to learn if your specific need can be covered with a Thompson Insurance policy.

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