Equipment & Livestock

The heart of most Virginia farms involves the specialized equipment needed to run it. In livestock operations, it is most commonly the herd. Both aspects of farming can be protected with farm insurance coverage.

Thompson Insurance Services is an independent insurance agent providing a number of different coverage options from a wide range of insurance companies. Equipment and livestock insurance needs can be quite specific. A Thompson Insurance agent can help navigate the best course to great coverage and affordable premiums.

Thompson Insurance farm equipment and livestock insurance coverage options include:

Farm Truck Liability coverage
Virginia allows for unlicensed farm trucks provided they remain on farm related work. Insurance coverage for these vehicles is still wise. Unlicensed farm trucks can be covered while being used for general farming duties.

Animal Coverage
Individual farm animals or entire herds can be covered. Animal coverages can cover the following perils: lightning; fire; accidental shooting; attacks by wild animals; collision; drowning; electrocution; and transportation (loading or unloading from vehicles).

Equipment Breakdown
Coverage protects the farm against the budgetary stress of equipment breakdown, including loss of farm income and the extra expenses needed to keep the farm running. Typically, coverage extends to the farm home. Equipment breakdowns include: computer breakdown; data restoration; electrical short circuit; mechanical breakdown; and pressure vessel bulging cracking or collapse.

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