Classic Cars

Unique cars and trucks have specialized insurance needs geared for the loss or replacement of these vehicles. When owners buy a classic auto for pleasure, investment or as a restoration project, they require coverage that will protect their asset during an event that may damage or destroy the vehicle.

Classic car owners receive conventional auto insurance protection with additional policy coverage. The additional coverage is based upon the Agreed Value of the vehicle. The Agreed Value of a vehicle involves a mutual agreement between the new policyholder and agency/insurance company. This is typically done by visiting the vehicle asset.

Additional coverage options include Pleasure Driving Coverage (eliminates mileage restrictions), Car Value fluctuation protection (Locks in the insured value) and Flexible Claim service (allows you to fix your own car).

As an independent insurance agent, Thompson Insurance Services provides a selection of policies from different insurance companies. This selection allows a Thompson Insurance customer a choice in their specific coverage options. This gives you the best coverage for the best price based on the selected options.

Classic car insurance covers a wide range of special vehicles. These vehicles include:

  • Antique Cars – Autos exceeding or approaching 25 years old.
  • Classic Cars – An auto with historical interest or collectability.
  • Classic Trucks – A truck with historical interest or collectability.
  • Custom Builds – Special or One-of-a-Kind vehicle.
  • Hot Rods – High-performance vehicle.
  • Modern Classics – Special cars from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s.
  • Modified Vehicles – Stock vehicles with unique improvements.
  • Muscle Cars – High-performance vehicle.
  • Replicas – A vehicle with historical interest or collectability.
  • Restorations – Insurance for the project stage and after.
  • Sports Cars – High-performance vehicle.

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